Real Estate Services
“I have been fortunate to work with the CSG team at two Twin Cities’ institutions. Their ability to transform spaces and build public support for projects is unmatched. They are unconventional strategists who know how to take a vision and make it a reality.”
-Matt Entenza, Regent, Augsburg College; Vice-Chair, High Winds Fund Trustees, Macalester College

All campuses, by their very nature, are in the real estate business.  Embracing this reality is the first step toward maximizing direct and indirect returns on real estate investments and leveraging these valuable assets to achieve institutional goals. Campus Strategies Group offers planning for market-based strategies that assists clients in community planning, neighborhood renewal, stakeholder partnerships, strategic projects to leverage private/public investments and creating more desirable conditions in the neighborhood around the campus.  Hospitals, colleges, senior living complexes and other campus-based organizations often overlook their own strengths as a major economic engine in their respective communities.

Examples of CSG’s expertise for campus real estate services:


  1. Property tax review & analysis
  2. Project-based entitlement work
  3. Market value analysis of land and buildings
  4. Bargain sale gifts
  5. Section 1031 property exchanges
  6. Impact investing by alumni community in the campus neighborhood
  7. Development / redevelopment projects – Management from conception to construction
  8. Evaluation of best/highest use of real estate assets
  9. Lease review & lease drafting
  10. Sales & acquisition support from purchase agreement to closing
  11. Property management