Transportation Planning
“ I have worked for years with both leaders of the CSG team. They bring tremendous strategic skill to their work and have great networks to implement plans.”
-Jessica Treat, Executive Director, Transit for Livable Communities

As much as a third of campus’ real estate can be dedicated to transportation related use: parking, sidewalks, loading docks, and service vehicle access. We help clients more efficiently use costly real estate for moving people to and around campus.

Transportation networks are essential in and around a vibrant & safe campus. Campus Strategies Group works with our clients to help them imagine and implement sustainable 21st century options to encourage safe, healthy & smart movement of people in and around the campus.

Our experts offer transit demand management & feasibility planning for walking, biking, transit access and parking. We assist our clients with short-range and long-term solutions including working with municipalities to install pedestrian safety infrastructure and bike lanes & routes. We develop strategies to reduce parking demand on campus, and plan & implement wayfinding both to and around a campus.